Useful Black and White Photography Tips

You might try some new trends and styles while you are documenting yourself on your best day. Be it a wedding ceremony, pre wedding shoot, fashion or event photography, traditional style of photographing yourself like getting captured in black and white makes your memories robust, vivid and lively. Almost every photography style intends to capture the beauties, the smartness, and the lustre, however, the black and white are about how you get the personality of the person out in your pictures, how you will unravel the uniqueness and the attitude of the subject through non-digital pictures.

Here are some of the most amazing black and white photography tips that you should keep in mind while getting captured. Whether you are intending to have a black and white pre wedding shoot, wedding, or fashion photoshoot, these are the best tips to outfox your charm through these two colours. 

Before the advent of digital photography, the filmmakers had to use black and white to make their movies. So, it needed a lot of creativity and techniques to play with lights and shadow to manifest love, affection, hatred, intimacy, passion, jealousy, anger, and bliss in their movies.

- Choose the right equipment 

It is not important to choose the best equipment for your black and white photography, choosing the right equipment is. It helps you get the best-intended shot of the subject the style that is expected.

- Lense

When choosing a camera, pay attention to filters and lenses. You will need a lens capable of capturing the attributes you want in the picture.

- Light and the Shadow

Light and shadow are the most important elements in black and white photography. These are the basic keys that will help you get the most beautiful, terrific, and creative shots. 

- Suitable Subject

While capturing the black and white picture, a photographer must choose a suitable subject that will emphasize the intent of clicking that picture. 

- Portraiture

In order to capture the identity, personality, attitude of a subject the black and white portraiture will help you get some clean white and clean black pictures.

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Written By - sulabh kala on 29 Nov, 2019