4 Must have Romantic Couple Photoshoot Ideas | Sulabh Kala

Photographing yourself is the most amazing thing, which we will remember for our whole life. These are the pictures that keep our memories alive and vivid. 

Here are some of the most intimate couple photoshoot ideas that you should get done with your beloved. 

- Kissing your Love

No matter who is around, you do not care when you want to kiss your love. This couple pose is one of the most famous and the most romantic styles that every couple wants in their album.


- Holding her hand

Since marriage is the bond of love that defines your union of togetherness. This pose will give the idea that you are the person who is there all the time, no matter what. The bond that holds you together, love.


- Dramatic

If you are looking to pose with your beloved romantically, you must try to hold her close to yourself, while everything around you makes dramatic movements. 

- Romantic

Love is romance. The shower of rain is what adds to the romance between the couples, under one umbrella. This proves the point that you are the best in protecting your love. It just steals the spotlight. 

Written By - sulabh kala on 29 Nov, 2019