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Weddings are among some of the most anticipated once in a lifetime events. And every possible thing is done to make these events memorable. Bridal Portrait is one of those practices. Even though these shoots became popular a couple of years back, they have gained such massive popularity that a bride's wedding experience is incomplete without a bridal portrait shoot.

These shoots are done a month before the wedding. And the major objective of these shoots is to capture the grace and elegance of the bride. We at Sulabh Kala have shot enough bridal shoots to tell you how important they are. Hence here are some pointers that will help you understand why you should have a Bridal Portrait:


1. A mutual understanding between the bride and the photographer is formed

2. You get to understand the photographer's style

3. The photographs can always be flaunted on Facebook and Instagram.

4. Fulfills the bride's wedding experience

5. The photographer gets an idea about the angles, lighting, etc work for you.

6. You get a sneak peek of how are you going to look at the wedding. 


Most of the brides are already on board with for a bridal portrait, but they still need inspiration for poses and ideas. So here we are with some of the most unique and stunning ideas for your bridal portrait:


1. The "Getting Ready" Shot

2. Show off your eye make up 

3. "Sitting on the Stairs" shot

4. The "Getting Ready in front of the Mirror" Pose

5. Flaunt your lehenga 

6. The one adjusting your jewelry 

7. Just naturally smile for the camera


Another aspect that we haven't talked about is the various styles that make these shoots more appealing and out of the ordinary.


Some of the different styles for your bridal portrait


  • Traditional

This is one of the oldest photography styles, and people are moving towards more creative and artistic wedding shoots.


  • Classic 

This is the most practiced photography style. Brides who want a simple but elegant photoshoot go for this style.

classic portrait


  • Candid 

Last but certainly not least. This is the most popular style among the lot. This style has a natural and authentic appeal, which is loved by everyone. 


And if you are a bride-to-be who is looking for inspiration, you can check out some of the bridal shoots that we have done over a couple of years by going to our website Sulabh Kala.

Written By - sulabh kala on 11 Feb, 2020