Indian Wedding Photography | A Complete Guide to Rajasthani Wedding

In this social media world, Indian wedding photography is not just capturing smiling shots of couples on stage or similar shots when they are standing with their friends and family, It is much more than just that. There are several types of different shots and videos that have gained so much importance that everyone wants to do that at their wedding. Generally, people want their wedding to be similar to celebrities' wedding or they want to have a premium wedding like they have seen it on social media.

Rajasthan Wedding -

Moreover, in India, people have started to live in nuclear families now and the whole concept of joint families is diminishing at a great speed. So, in this scenario, all the relatives meet at family functions. It is a great way to reunite and share feelings after a long time. So, at a wedding, a photographer captures all these raw emotions and create some mesmerizing memories for the family and the couple getting married. Also, the meaning of wedding photography in India keeps getting modified according to the new and recent trends entering the wedding industry. But without any doubt, it is all about traditions, culture, and togetherness.

Rajasthan is one of the most beautiful places and its marriage celebrations are very colourful and full of ancient rituals, and traditions. There are many pre and post wedding rituals performed during the Rajsthani Wedding Ceremony. Ordinarily, Rajasthani bride and Groom perform most of the rituals in their respective homes. The family of Rajasthani groom and bride fix the marriage after pairing their horoscope. They generally follow their ancient and classical rituals and traditions to make their wedding celebrations exuberant. After completion of all traditional and religious rituals, the wedding gets completed. Almost all marriage rituals are classified into pre and post wedding rituals.

Pre Wedding Rituals:- 


1. Engagement Ceremony

The engagement ceremony is the first traditional ritual of the traditional Rajasthani wedding and this ceremony is held at brides' home. Rajasthani wedding ceremonies are full family functions, which is celebrated in the presence of all family members, friends, acquaintances, and intimate relatives. During the engagement ceremony, the parents of the groom and the bride applies Tikal on the forehead of the groom-to-be. They present gifts like sweets, clothes, fruits and dry fruits to the would-be-groom and his family. They also offer gifts to the family members of the groom.

2. Gratha Shanti and Ganapati Sthapana Pooja 

This is an auspicious ceremony, which takes place in both the families of the bride and the groom respectively. The Rajasthani bride and Rajasthani groom. The Gratha Shanti and Ganapati Sthapana Pooja ceremony take place two days prior to the wedding day. During this auspicious occasion, the idol of Lord Ganesha is kept at the sacred premises in the home to seek blessing for the couple, who are coming together in a union of marriage.

3. Pithi Dastoor

During this ceremony, the family members of the couple and their relatives apply a paste of turmeric and sandalwood on the skin of the groom. This ceremony is similar to that of the Haldi ceremony in Hindu weddings. After this ceremony, the wife and husband to do not go out of the house until the wedding day.

4. Mahira Dastoor

During this traditional ritual 'Uncle' gives gifts to the families of the bride/groom, signifying that Uncles also bear the expanses of the wedding ceremony.

On the wedding day -

1. Palla ceremony and Janev

Palla ceremony is a ritual where the groom's side comes to the bride in the early hours of the wedding day and offers gifts, clothes, and jewelry to the bride. And, Janav is a ritual during which the groom is donning a saffron dress and wears orange thread around his neck, marking the acceptance of the new life. 

2. Nikasi Ceremony

This is held during the Barat procession where the groom dons the Sehra on his face and the groom's sisters put a black kajal stain beneath the ear to ward off the evil and bad omens on this great occasion. 

3. Barat procession

Wearing a typical Rajasthani dress, the groom is welcomed at the wedding venue with his family members and friends. As he reaches the wedding venue, he is welcomed by the bride's family with gifts and aarti by his to-be mother in law. 

4. Panigrahn

This ceremony is beautiful and romantic where the couple holds the hand of each other and vow to each other that they will live their life together forever, in times of grief and in times of happiness.

5. Pheras

In this ceremony, the couple takes Pheras around the sacred fire while the priest delivers the holy sermon. Unlike Hindu weddings where they have 7 Pheras, in Rajasthani wedding ceremonies, there are four Pheras, which are done at the mandap around the holy fire and the remaining three Pheras are taken later at the entrance of groom's house to mark the new beginning of the bride at the new home.


Stunning Wedding locations in Rajasthan -

There are several locations where you can have your wedding ceremony in Rajasthan. Depending on the choice of the couples who are intending to tie the knot, they desire to have their ideal wedding at some amazing place, perhaps a wonderland, and these places are here on earth, we just have to look around. Every couple chooses the wedding location or the venue as per their fantasies, their dreamt places and the style of their wedding. Here we will tell you some exotic places that will fit your style and the budget. 

1. Jaipur

If you are planning to have your wedding in Rajasthan, then you must really look forward to planning it in this amazing city. Jaipur is famous for its pink infrastructure, royal palaces, and the Thar desert where one can have numerous experiences, a camel safari or a golden photoshoot during the horizon. This is the perfect place for a romantic wedding. 

2. Jodhpur

Jodhpur is popular for its splendid history, it offers you several perfect places where you can have your grand wedding celebration. Jodhpur is grandeur for all the royal and premium weddings in India. Famous for its Palaces, Havelis, Forts, and landscaped lawns, the place offers you everything that your wedding requires. If you are the couple who loves to fulfil the fantasies, then you must tie the knot in an ideal royal set-up to honor yourself the prestige of the king and the queen on your great day.

3. Bikaner

If you ever dreamt to have a royal wedding where you will make an entry on a camel in the royal palace, festooned with mesmerizing stones and contemplative marbles that lit up the charm of your wedding in a romantic approach. Bikaner is one such place in Rajasthan where you can have your wedding ceremony. Vow in the royal setup, alongside your wife to be, promising her that you will live the whole life together in prosperity, will be each other's confidant in times of sadness and happiness. 

4. Neemrana

Neemrana is one of the oldest palaces in India that was built atop a grand plateau in1464. This is a place that blends antiquity and contemporary elegance. Neemrana Fort is regarded as one of the most cherished and most suitable exotic wedding locations in Rajasthan. The experience of celebrating your wedding in Neemrana is just the perfect ingredient that could make your wedding unique and your memories robust. 


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