Classy Pre Wedding Shoot Locations in Udaipur

A pre-wedding shoot in Udaipur is the dream come true for couples in India as well as foreign. Udaipur is one of the most sought after places in Rajasthan for a destination wedding or a pre-wedding shoot. There is a reason why many people choose this location to get married. The exotic and royal vibe you get from such a location is just commendable. Not every place gives out such an adventurous and luxurious vibe. If you choose Udaipur to get your pre-wedding shoot done, you have chosen one of the most precious places. A pre-wedding shoot is all about experimenting and having fun with the love of your life. It is also a shoot with the help of which you create an image of your wedding photographer in your mind. You know about her style and the way she works. During this shoot, you can know a lot about how your photographer gels up with you and your partner. So, this will help you know her and be satisfied that you have taken the right decision.

The romantic mood comes to fore between the couples when they come together for a pre wedding photoshoot to capture their emotions and the way they share their bonding. The trend of the Pre wedding shoot made debut in India a decade ago and since then the vogue has taken the wedding industry by storm with many couples yearning to get the photo shoot done. 

Getting a pre wedding photoshoot done with all the latest equipment, outfits, props are not a cheap and easy job. The price range of good quality photoshoot starts from thousands of rupees. So, when you invest so much money in photographing, then hiring a professional photographer does not complete your task, you need to have a list of some amazing and Hatke places for the photoshoot apart from hiring the best pre wedding photographer. 

The trend for lavish pre wedding photoshoots has increased and locations for such event has become the top priority for the couple to set the tone and the romantic theme of the shoot. Here are some stunning places in Udaipur that blend perfectly in the pre decided photo shoot.


- Taj Lake Palace

Nestled amidst the waters Lake Pichola, the Taj Lake Palace is one of the most elegant and top picks for the pre wedding photoshoots in the Udaipur. This hotel gives the royal experience with the most majestic view of the lake and lights of the city palace. The hotel uses speed boats to ferry the guests from a wharf at the City Palace to the hotel. 

Pre Wedding Shoot Locations in Udaipur


- Ramada 

Ramada Resort and Spa is the most gorgeous place with a central lawn equipped with a swimming pool, the resort can be the perfect location for pre-wedding photography in Udaipur. Also with a luxurious setting that gives a royal touch to your photoshoot and ethnic stone-work, the architecture is worth captivating!

Pre Wedding Shoot Locations in Udaipur


- RanakPur

This is one of the most gorgeous and historic places where couples love to go and express their romantic moods. This is a village nearby Udaipur, which is more than a place to visit. With a serene and scenic view, the place best suits the couple looking for a romantic pre wedding photography with a romantic aura. 

Pre Wedding Shoot Locations in Udaipur


- Fateh Sagar Lake

Ferrying across the blue waters of the lake, an artificial lake named after Maharana Fateh Singh is one of the four breathtaking lakes in the Udaipur city. Located at the amidst the beautiful mountains the place remains the top priority for every couple to visit on the pre wedding shoot. 

Pre Wedding Shoot Locations in Udaipur

These are some of the most beautiful and scenic places to visit while having your pre wedding photoshoot done in Udaipur. The couples from across the country come to this mesmerizing place to enjoy their love amid natural and serene views. 

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Written By - sulabh kala on 12 Nov, 2019